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About us.
The Sweet Pea story.

People are often curious to understand the motivation behind our name. Sweet Pea is the nickname of Founder LaKesha Brooks' little one. And her journey isn't unlike the 10 million women in the US who have struggled with infertility or had challenges carrying to term. 


When LaKesha unexpectedly learned that she would have to go through IVF to have a child of her own, she found herself overcome by physical, emotional, and financial stress.


Doctors required payments upfront. And while her insurance covered doctors' visits, it did not cover the most expensive items such as retrievals, transfers, embryo storage, and the required medications.


Very soon, LaKesha found herself worrying more about the IVF costs required to start her family than the fertility treatment itself.


Photo Credit: BD Photos 


This is the mission behind
Sweet Pea.

To guide individuals and families – like LaKesha's – who find themselves overwhelmed and relentlessly searching for fertility financing options.


Don't give up hope. We're here to help you afford the pursuit of growing your family.

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