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[Video Update] 3 Ways Our Community Can Support You Through Your Infertility Journey | Sweet Pea

At the end of November, Founder LaKesha Brooks hosted a live event sharing updates and key benefits of joining our free and private community. We've summarized the event below but invite you to enjoy LaKesha's video update as well.

Sweet Pea Event Overview

LaKesha opens the event by sharing Sweet Pea's mission – to help individuals and families afford fertility treatments – as well as her motivation for launching the business. The motive was ultimately inspired by her own experiences with infertility brought on by an ectopic pregnancy. LaKesha was told that her only way to conceive would be through IVF treatments. After one failed cycle that she and her husband could finance themselves, the only option for affording the second round of IVF was by taking out a loan. Fortunately, this cycle was successful (bringing to the world a beautiful baby girl). However, LaKesha found the experience of taking out a loan for fertility treatments to be confusing, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. She knew others must be experiencing something similar and that there had to be a better way. Thus Sweet Pea was born.

LaKesha continues on to discuss our community – its purpose, structure, and key benefits.

Sweet Pea Community Benefits

While Sweet Pea's core mission is to help people afford fertility treatment, on a deeper level, we want to unite individuals and families in a private forum to provide guidance, education, and resources to secure funding. Therefore, we have built a platform where community members can share (and gain) knowledge, tips, and strategies based on their experiences and provide support and empathy to others going through a similar journey.

The three key benefits community members will gain are:

  • Understanding what questions to ask your physician and billing department upfront to better estimate your overall spend.

  • Leveraging knowledge from the community to feel confident advocating for yourself with your physician, employer, and/or insurance provider.

  • Understanding where to look for all your fertility financing options and how to evaluate them based on your specific needs.

Fertility Mini-Grants

An additional benefit of being a member of our community is that you will have the opportunity to become eligible for monthly $100 mini-grants. While we understand that $100 doesn't come close to financing your entire treatment, this small amount can cover things such as shipping charges and co-pays. To become eligible, all you have to do to engage in our weekly/monthly activities. These activities include:

  • Participating in polls

  • Answering share challenges

  • Providing tips or advice where you can

  • And more

LaKesha will tee up the questions each week based on a monthly theme, and all you have to do is participate! December's theme is Navigating the insurance maze.

Once again, we invite you to join our free and private community by clicking the button below.

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