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[HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY] Sweet Pea and Faithfully Rooted Team Up

The infertility journey can be an exhausting one – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. As a result, Vickie Bell founded Faithfully Rooted to support women going through challenges associated with infertility.

This organization offers monthly and annual subscription boxes with unique handpicked items to uplift and encourage women during their infertility journey. They also offer a t-shirt subscription! Items in the box subscription may include:

  • Heartfelt books, journals, or notepads to help explore love, loss, and how to regain a peaceful state of mind.

  • 4-7 handpicked items made with love and created especially for women battling infertility, made by other women who have walked the same path.

  • Monthly devotionals, affirmations, and positive testimonies.

Proceeds of every box go towards helping a family with infertility treatment and medication costs.

Sweet Pea is proud to partner with Faithfully Rooted, and from now through to the end of the week, we are launching a giveaway campaign! If you are interested in becoming eligible to receive a free Faithfully Rooted box, see the instructions below for entering.

Instructions for Entering this Giveaway

  1. Like the post on our Instagram account

  2. Tag two other people in the comments section

  3. Follow @faithfullyrooted on Instagram

  4. Follow @getsweetpea on Instagram

  5. Be a U.S. resident

  6. Enter by Friday, December 3rd

One qualified entry will be selected at random and contacted directly via your DMs – so look out for a message from us!

About Vickie

Vickie and her husband were blessed with two precious girls after more than 18 years of infertility treatment. She suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endured numerous losses in building her family. Vickie credits her faith in God, her doctors, and the process of realizing her dreams. This is what ignited her passion for starting Faithfully Rooted and encouraging others.

Thank you to Faithfully Rooted for its support of Sweet Pea and those in the infertility community.

Don’t forget to enter by Friday, December 3rd!

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